Heutagogy is a word I have never even heard before, so this is a bit of a mind-bending topic for me.

I am interested in learning more about the application of this concept, as it still feels a bit fuzzy to me, and I wonder how applicable it is for my work situation. I work for a college that teaches nursing and other health and human services programs. Some of our programs are regulated, so students have to pass a licensing exam to be able to work in the field. It doesn’t seem to me that heutagogy would really be applicable or practical for this type of learning that is so regimented. The practicum element seems more plausible in some ways, but still there are sometimes very specific procedures that must be mastered for our students to qualify for graduation.

It seems like every learning experience has an appropriate approach…

I have a friend who has three kids in Montessori school – I wonder if those schools are considered to be heutagogical in nature.


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