Virtual Icebreakers

stock-photo-antarctic-iceberg-in-the-oce-203444As I wade through the forums in this course and process/digest all the new information and well-written posts, I notice I am always processing the information through the lens of online learning  – ie. How will this concept transfer to the online environment?

I work for a college that does combined programs – so some face-to-face and onsite labs/practicums, but the majority of the learning is done online. The online learning has some interactivity – such as forums like these – as well as weekly webinar meetings to review content.

Icebreakers are a common way to get participants in a class to get to know each other and start conversations and connections to start the process of group bonding. This is especially important in a cohort model, which is the model we have at my workplace. So I wondered if there are “virtual icebreakers” that my instructors could use…

This article is more corporate focused, but I think the principles could be applied across many industries. And, as someone who worked in corporate IT for many years, I think these are great ideas: 


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