Learning Styles


Learning styles… Most of us are familiar with this idea – that we each have a particular way of learning that works best for us.

There three that are most well-known are Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic. Meaning you learn best by seeing, hearing, and touching/feeling, respectively.

Learning Style theory has evolved to include 7 different styles:

  • Visual (spatial)
  • Aural (auditory/musical)
  • Verbal (linguistic)
  • Physical (kinesthetic)
  • Logical (mathematical)
  • Social (interpersonal)
  • Solitary (intrapersonal)

When I look at this list, without diving too deeply into the qualities and profiles of each type of learner, I know instinctively which styles I identify with. I would pick two as my strongest – verbal and logical.

In my past life I was a technical writer – a field I got into because I love to write. Words are my biggest passion and fascinate me endlessly on a daily basis. I love to read and examine language and there’s nothing more satisfying to me that choosing exactly the right word to describe something.

The other part of that job is technical – I wrote about technical things and had to write about them in a logical, progressive way. I love creating processes, or looking at existing ones and fine tuning them so they are more streamlined or consistent.

However, I also love learning tasks that are kinesthetic – hands on learning is often the most powerful and long-lasting. And I can identify with being a social learner too. It seems impossible to choose just one…

So while it was a bit surprising to me at first, the news that some people think learning styles are a myth, is beginning to make more and more sense to me.

But I’ll let this video explain that…


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