Creative vs Critical Thinking

stock-photo-thinking-businessman-illustr-1150435I think often these terms are used somewhat interchangeably. I know at my workplace managers are always talking about the “critical thinking” ability of an employee, but in most cases what they mean is problem solving ability, which I tend to see more as creative thinking. You’re presented with a new problem and maybe you don’t have all the resources you would normally have, maybe it’s something you’ve never had to deal with before, but it’s  fallen to you – how are you going to do it? Some people have no ability to “think outside the box” whereas others have the ability to step back and see the bigger picture and alternate possibilities.

Critical thinking to me is more logical and calculated examination of a belief or something you hold to be true, in light of new evidence. For example, If I believe in learning styles and then I take this PID course and learn many people think learning styles are a myth, I’m going to and look critically at the evidence from that school of thought and maybe I’ll change my mind…

I like this video, that talks about how complementary the two kinds of thinking are:


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