Visible Learning

The following is a video describing the 8 principles of John Hattie’s book Visible Learning for Teachers/ Maximizing Impact on LearningThe idea is that if instructors follow these ways of thinking they will have a more powerful impact on their students’ learning.

Some of these rules seem more concrete than others – ie. I know what some would look like more than others, but the two that stand out for me are:

  • #4: I seek out feedback. Assessment is my impact on student learning.
  • #7: It is my role to develop positive relationships in the classrooms and staffrooms

I am huge fan of feedback and think it’s absolutely imperative to improving the learning experience – really, it’s the only thing that can. In an online learning environment, you have much more limited ways to get feedback – in my place of work, it’s gathered through a series of check-in interviews, surveys, instructors passing on anecdotal stories, etc. We recently revamped an entire course based on a few different cohorts’ feedback and the response has been amazing – a vast difference in the outcomes of the student learning. They came out much more prepared for the rest of their program.

My drive to develop Positive relationships comes from my past life of working in IT as a technical writer and needing to develop those relationships with all the people who had the knowledge. I needed to get them to trust me and like me because I needed their help all the time. It’s essential to have positive working relationships with your colleagues and students. It’s just such a much easier place to work from. I think it all begins with personal connection – people like to feel like they are heard and seen. Simply asking people questions encouraging them to share their stories, and being an active listener to this will go a long way.


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