Frames: An Instructional Strategy

The following is a video about an instructional strategy called Frames. The video describes the process/method of the strategy, as well as some best practices and pros/cons.

I really enjoyed this process – it was fun and creative. I picked a strategy that would be applicable both for in-class and online because I want to gather strategies that I can share with my online instructors.

I liked Frames because the concept made sense to me, and I like that it was focused around writing, because I believe writing is such a key skill not only in school but in life in general. I was able to find some good online articles about the topic, and the script for the video came together quickly. I focused on the mechanics and “how-to” of the strategy, as well as the best practices and pros and cons.

I used PowerPoint but applied as many of the tips from the “How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint” video as I could! I wanted to have slides that were spare and uncluttered, with some visuals to keep the viewer’s attention. I was surprised, once I started rehearsing it, how quickly I began to approach the 5 minute mark.

I’m looking forward to sharing this video with my instructors!


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