Gaming as Learning

stock-photo-an-image-of-an-isolated-red--235421It’s great when you can use a game to teach – when students are learning without even realizing it, especially when it’s more fun than the “wax on, wax off” model Mr. Myagi used.

I love games and have lots of friends who enjoy cards, board games, etc. It’s a fun, social way to spend time with people. And you do learn a lot. My nephew is 11 and plays Monopoly with such ferocity and underhanded sneakiness I think he’s destined to be a realtor.

We learn as kids to count, to read, to think, to strategize, to make decisions and see the consequences of them, to solve problems – it’s incredible to think about how much passive learning is going on during a game of Hearts, or while completing a puzzle.

For some reason I feel very differently toward tactile games like puzzles and dice and dominoes than I do toward online/digital games. It drives me nuts when my partner is fixated on his phone and is “unable” to talk to me for another 3 minutes until something is done in his game. It’s actually a fairly major issue in our relationship. So this completely fascinating TED talk, where the speaker advocates increasing the number of hours we spend playing games, is a little hard for me to swallow – but I get it. I just think we need to also be aware of the consequences of increased gaming on reality:


One thought on “Gaming as Learning

  1. I get it, i really do but it doesn’t mean I like it.The arguments for gaming are completely logical, I just can’t get away from the sour taste. I think the key to using ‘gaming’ within education is to remember that is simply another tool…not an all encompassing solution.


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