PowerPoint (aka: the bane of my existence)

stock-photo-media-stream-of-high-technol-184556Part of my role is to sit in on “mini-lessons” with prospective teachers and determine if they will be effective in the classroom. With one exception, the “teaching tool” they used was PowerPoint. Actually one person used Prezi, but he made the same mistakes as everyone who used PowerPoint.

The person who used no digital presentation at all was the most interesting because we were 100% focused on her and what she had to say. We were all completely engaged because there were no distractions.

The PowerPoint users made many of the same mistakes:

  • Font that was too light
  • Font that was too small
  • No animations or transitions
  • Not displayed in preview mode

This last bullet indicates the instructors didn’t even know the tool well enough to really be using it.

My feedback in every session is always about how to use this more effectively – don’t have the presentation compete with you! The instructor has to be the most interesting thing in the presentation. If your PPT is competing with you, you’re not using the tool properly.

It drives me crazy. And the ones who read every word off the screen… Don’t get me started…

More thoughts on how to avoid death by PowerPoint: https://youtu.be/Iwpi1Lm6dFo


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