The Flipped Classroom

flipped classroomAt the college I work at, the Practical Nursing program uses this model. The students complete work online prior to coming to class, and bring their questions to the instructor so the lesson can be focused on the areas that require clarification. The instructors lecture less, and the classes are based more on activities. The in-class portion is considered a lab, so they can put theory into practice.

Also in our combined delivery programs, there are live sessions once a week and the rule is that no new content can be introduced during these sessions – it’s a chance for discussion, review, and clarification of any issues.

A couple of instructors have had a rough time in these sessions – particularly when the PN program started using this model. The “problem” is that a successful class hinges on the students doing the work before the class. If they don’t, it’s a very flat, silent, and sometimes awkward session. But those instructors were told to stand their ground, and put the onus on the students to do that work so the model could be carried out. It has gone on to be very successful, and we are looking at moving more of our programs into this model.



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