Empowering Online Instructors (and learners!)

In Chapter 13 of The Skillful Teacher, Stephen Brookfield tackles online learning. He challenges the assumption that “traditional classrooms are stimulating and congenial learning environments brimming over with interpersonal empathy and intellectual energy, while online classrooms are lonely and isolated.” (Brookfield, 2015). This rings true for me, because as with all things – it depends.… Continue reading Empowering Online Instructors (and learners!)

Cultural Brokers

In Chapter 8 of The Skillful Teacher, Stephen Brookfield discusses teaching methods that work well in diverse classrooms. In a section on gauging diversity, he talks about “cultural brokers – members of the minority groups represented in the classroom who agree to assist the teacher and can move between academic and minority culture.” (Brookfield, 2015).… Continue reading Cultural Brokers