Ethical Connundrums

stock-photo-fountain-pen-writing-the-wor-1088833We have a very lengthy policies and procedures guide, but no code of ethics that is explicitly defined. There are comments about ethical behavior, but no specifics that get into detailed scenarios. I think this makes sense, as if you define things too narrowly, a person accused of unethical behavior can point to the policy and say that there’s no evidence of a policy for the behavior in question.

We always have a life coach contracted to connect with students and in the past, the life coach was a reportedly creepy guy who had relationships with several students. This was before my time at the college, but I’m always puzzled that the administration let this man continue to work for the college and condone his behavior.

The relationship between a life coach and a student is very similar to that of a therapist and client. Therapists who are licensed to practice can actually go to jail for taking advantage of clients who are in a vulnerable state, and develop feelings for the therapist because of the nature of their relationship.

Given that the majority of management at our college is women – and this type of behavior is typically directed from men to women, I don’t understand why they let this continue without action.


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