stock-photo-rocks-lake-reflections-and-m-1006752I started the PID program a long time ago – in about 2011 I think? 🙂 The first course I took was Curriculum Development with David Tickner. In some ways, I’d like to go back and repeat that course again now, because it was definitely the most valuable and practical course in the program for me – and maybe one of the most useful courses I’ve taken ever.

He really opened my mind to the methodologies and best practices to approach designing curriculum. I still use DACUM sheets and even though I’ve decided it’s not the direction I want to take my career, I still think the learning in the course was extremely valuable.

While I have learned a lot in the program and have enjoyed the majority of the projects, I would still like to pursue more learning that’s geared to online. Many of the courses have a smaller percentage of relevance for me in my particular role. I don’t develop or deliver curriculum; I don’t write assessments or learning activities; and I don’t have much control over the media we are able to use.

This is my last theory course – all I have left is the capstone project, which I’m looking forward to.


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